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A lesson on Social Media…

We all have it in some form or another.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Yet, what are we as teachers doing, and parents, you are not even getting off the hook on this one, to teach our students how to be responsible users of it?  Are we?  How many teachers out there still work in school that bans cell phone use?

Why are we still in that era?  There are ways to teach our students to be responsible using technology.  If we fail to do so, they are also going to fail when it comes time for them to really be responsible using it.

Take this most recent example.  A student posts something on Twitter about a teacher.  Students think that it will never get back around the circle.  What students fail to realize is that circle is larger than they think.  They also fail to realize that social media is way more powerful than that want to believe.

Now students, parents, and teachers once something is out there, it is out there is cyberspace for good.  There are so many levels to the Internet and any hacker or PI worth their salt can find what they want.  Those naughty pictures you posted and didn’t think anyone would find after you deleted them, wrong…they exist somewhere out there.  Do you really want grandma to see that?

It is not only what you post, but when you choose to use your smartphone.  I am from a very unique generation.  I bridge the gap that didn’t ever have computers in school to having it in their hands.  I was a kid when computers came into schools.  I was out of college when Facebook came into existence (Thank goodness)!

We are not teaching our students to use it at appropriate times either.  We are either banning it or letting it run rampant.  It can’t be two extremes.  We have to find common ground.

Start by having a conversation with students.  Help them, use social media in your classes.  It will enable them to learn to use it well.


I am a mom, wife, and teacher. I am a hot mess sometimes and sometimes I think I have it all figured out. Teaching for me is about teaching to the whole kid and making sure I am staying true to who I am in the process. I am far from perfect, but I try my best.

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