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It is that time already???


We got to this point in a hurry this semester.  I am already getting the frantic, “What do you mean that is my grade?”  I mean just that all.  I am super easy to get along with.  Come to class, participate, do you stuff, and guess what…you do well.

Honestly,  I was this kid once upon a time.  It took all of one professor (who I still love dearly) telling me to pull my head out of my ass and get both to class.  It worked.  I learned so much from her.  I learned not only a ton about the class, but about how to be a good student and teacher.

She was one of those professors who care about students as people.  So, when I tell my students to be in class, I really do mean it.  I can’t teach you anything through just the book.  Which, they should all know considering the material of my class.  Learning to comprehend from a textbook isn’t going to work well.

I do want my students to be successful, not only in my class, but life.  So here are some tricks and tips.

  1.  Go to class!  I mean it everyday.  Unless of course you have some terrible illness, cause I don’t want that, be there.
  2. When you are there, be present.  Put your damn phone and head phones in your backpack and leave them there.  Facebook isn’t going to teach you anything. Part of the biggest learning experience is being mentally present.  It is important.
  3. Come see me.  If you have a question, come in and ask.  PLEASE.  All professors are willing to help.  It is our goal to make sure that you understand the material.
  4. Study groups.  Make one, use it.  I swear by them.  I would not have made it through Lit Theory or American Short Stories without one.  “What is the last word in this story and why is it significant?”  It was a real question.  Not only will they help you academically, they are fun and you make friends.
  5. Take a class that is way off your radar as an elective.  Seriously.  You might find you are great at something or you love something you never knew existed.  I took a theatre class and I ended up teaching drama for several years.  It was fun.
  6. Know where you are with your degree.  Check out what the requirements are and make sure you are on track.  Start when you are a freshman.  Last semester of your senior year is way too late.
  7. Talk to your adviser.  They are a wonderful resource.  They not only know what classes you should be taking, they are usually pretty cool.  I had a couple of very awesome ones.
  8. If you are at a 2 year school and are planning to transfer, know the requirements.  It is going to suck if you get to that point and half of your credits won’t transfer.  Check it out.
  9. Make time for some fun.  Yes, you have to study and go to class.  But it is alright to have down time.  College is hard.  Give yourself sometime to relax.
  10. Take care of yourself.  There are going to be cootie germs you have never been exposed to.  Keep your room clean.  Eat well.  Exercise.  It will go a long way in keeping you healthy.

Most of all enjoy this time.  I would be a forever college student if someone else would pay for it.

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So…about that evaluation

It turns out that I had myself all freaked out for nothing.   Technology failed me (it usually does) and I did fine punting.  I have always said that a teachers greatest skill needs to be the ability to punt, fly by the seat of her pants, or come up with anything on the fly.  Over the years, mostly because all of my best thought out plans bomb, I have become super at flying by the seat of my pants.

For the first time in my life of “formal evaluations,”  that skill worked for me.  I have an amazing VPAA and it was good.  I might be a little jaded about how evaluations work, simply because in my previous life, they were great…until a parent hated me.

One more to go this year.  I can do it.  I am like the little engine that could.


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That was not what I had planned…

Not even a little bit.  Why does technology hate me on the one day I really need it to work?  WHY?

So, we still get evaluated even at this level, which makes me so nervous.  I had a terrible experience my last go round…so, I don’t like them at all.

So, I am working on text structure…simple right.  It is review day and I have a cool game and some other stuff.  It is based on the fact the my projector will work.  Nope.

I turn it on and it sounds like it is going to explode.  Oh for the love of everything…then a spider falls out of it.  My only saving grace was the boss was not in there yet.

So, I had to punt.  No game, no power point.  Just review and discussion.  Boring.  I was bored.  They had to be.

Is it really not a good thing to hide under my desk and drink?  Can we all do that?   I cannot image that went well.  At least they had their cell phones put away and participated.  Gah!