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That was not what I had planned…

Not even a little bit.  Why does technology hate me on the one day I really need it to work?  WHY?

So, we still get evaluated even at this level, which makes me so nervous.  I had a terrible experience my last go round…so, I don’t like them at all.

So, I am working on text structure…simple right.  It is review day and I have a cool game and some other stuff.  It is based on the fact the my projector will work.  Nope.

I turn it on and it sounds like it is going to explode.  Oh for the love of everything…then a spider falls out of it.  My only saving grace was the boss was not in there yet.

So, I had to punt.  No game, no power point.  Just review and discussion.  Boring.  I was bored.  They had to be.

Is it really not a good thing to hide under my desk and drink?  Can we all do that?   I cannot image that went well.  At least they had their cell phones put away and participated.  Gah!


I am a mom, wife, and teacher. I am a hot mess sometimes and sometimes I think I have it all figured out. Teaching for me is about teaching to the whole kid and making sure I am staying true to who I am in the process. I am far from perfect, but I try my best.

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