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Middle School Called…It Wants Your Drama Back…

Seriously, last time I checked we were grown ass women.  I am not down for the petty drama that y’all are bringing simply because of a choice that was made to do what is best for MY kids.  Guess what??? I fought tooth and nail to get them, not you.  So, that means that I get to decide what happens in their lives.  Their education needs to be a good one.

So, if our decision causes you to unfriend me on Facebook (oh the HORROR!), or to give me dirty looks, or to talk smack, please by all means come do it to my face.  You haven’t asked me why we are doing what we are doing?  Huh?  Funny?

Those that have asked us how it is going, thank you.  I have happy kids that love school again.  That is worth its weight in gold to me.  I know how bad the financial situation is in small schools, guess what, I have been a teacher for a very long time.  Guess what else, I still teach and I see the state funding get cut.  However, holding on to a bad teacher because it is the easy way out is not the way to go.  I am not always the best teacher.  I know that.  There are days I am barely passable.  At the end of the day, I love what I do and I love my students.

My own kids have never deserved, actually no child for that matter, to have an education that is failing them.  They do not deserve to have a teacher that doesn’t see them each for what they are.  Now, they have what they need.  I know that everything in education isn’t perfect.  I am a pretty smart lady.  I also know that kids learn best when they like going to school.

So, my choices for my kids are just that.  Last time I checked, it was me that spent months being a pincushion, then more months holding down the couch just trying to stay pregnant, than through the NICU.  Guess what, even if I hadn’t gone through all of that, no one gets to tell me what is best for them.

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Broken hearts and broken bones…

Kids are supposed to bounce.  Nope. Not even a little bit…

We are at four weeks in cast #3.  It comes off next Friday, I hope.  What has amazed me about my son this time is his true love of things.

Of course he broke his right arm and he is right handed.  It hasn’t slowed him down.  It didn’t this summer either when he broke it the first time.  Instead, he has taught himself to write, fairly well, with his left hand, and he has not lost his sense of compassion and love for what he really does love.

Getting his cast off means he can wrestle again.  This is his heart.  I love watching him, but more I love what he is learning about sportsmanship and hard work.  Yes, I know he is 8.  It is never to early to learn what it means to be a good sport and to be humble when you are good at it.  Him and I have talked many times about how we win and lose.

I am ready for him to get out of his cast, it is really kind of stinky.  I think he is more ready.  He is ready to be a kid again.  Actually, I know his sister is ready for him to be able to put the plates away.