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It’s the moms too…

My suspicions were confirmed.  Mean girls come from mean moms.  Drama.  I tell you.  Drama.  Then my filter totally broke.  Oops.  Shit happens.  I will catch hell and I know it, but guess what I don’t care.  I try and have tried to be a nice person and be a friend.  For what?  To be there when it is easy?  Nope.  All done.


So, it was brought to my attention that the girls I was learning about are a “doozy”.  Then their mom’s…well that is a whole new ball game.

Our daughters cannot possibly  learn to support one another if we cannot support one another and them.  As mothers we have to be role models for our daughters.  They are young women trying to find who they are.  It is not an easy job.  Remember it?  I sure as hell do and it sucked.  Guess what it taught me?  To fight for myself.   To be myself.  It also taught me that no matter what has nasty things to say about me, I know who I am and who I want to be.


Now, we have to teach our daughters these things.  It is hard y’all.  It is heartbreaking to watch my daughter cry because of mean girls and their mean mothers.  There is never a reason for an adult woman to to tear down a child to make her child feel better.  This is where bullies start.  At home.  I watch it.  There is a pattern.  I am over it.  We have to break the cycle.

More than anything I want my daughter to be kind.  I want her to keep her spirit and her love of helping others.  I do not want to see that crushed out of her because those around her need to feel superior.  There is no reason to teach any child they are better than any other child.

How do we as mothers help our daughters?  We have to do something.  We have to lead by example.  Be kind.  Be courageous.  When all else fails sometimes you are going to have to tell that mean mom right where she can stick it.  It is coming…

At the end of the day that mean mom and mean daughter will be standing alone wondering what the hell happened.  You can’t have a positive life with a shitty attitude.


I am a mom, wife, and teacher. I am a hot mess sometimes and sometimes I think I have it all figured out. Teaching for me is about teaching to the whole kid and making sure I am staying true to who I am in the process. I am far from perfect, but I try my best.

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